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Public Safety and Community Care

Updated: Oct 16

Safe T Act Implementation

The Safe T Act changes rules around use of force, body cameras, complaints of police misconduct, and consequences. Notably, the act eliminates cash bail and revises considerations for pre-trial detention, increasing rights and protections for those who are incarcerated. I believe these are all critical first steps to addressing lifetimes of over-policing in Black and Brown communities and the violence of a prison industrial complex that has devastated so many families. I promise to work to implement the policing reforms included in the Safe T Act, and to ensure a smooth and immediate rollout of the elimination of cash bail. I will also fight against any attempts to weaken or eliminate any provisions of the Act.

Gun Violence Prevention

The assault weapons ban was a huge step in leading our nation to a safer reality. I strongly support this measure and the data backs me up: most people agree that there needs to be more regulation on weapons. The gun manufacturers and their corporate friends disagree. The next generation is demanding new solutions and I plan to be part of that. it isn't just about guns, we must look at the entire web of violence and poverty trapping so many of our young people. I support a city wide effort for Treatment not Trauma and a statewide effort to fund care where it makes sense: our schools, community centers, parks, and existing community organizations who understand the need.

Treatment Not Trauma

When police officers respond to a call for someone experiencing a mental health crisis, the situation often escalates and can lead to trauma, arrest, or even death of the person in crisis. I fully support the development and funding of models that use mental health professionals as the only first responders when someone calls 911 for a mental health crisis. I will continue to fund and expand the Community Emergency Services and Support Act at the state level to ensure 911 coordinations with the mental health resources being built out by the Illinois Department of Mental Health.

Reducing violence in communities should be a comprehensive strategy that includes: treating gun violence as a public health issue, encouraging investment in under-resourced communities that lack proper housing and employment opportunities, and improving police effectiveness and accountability. I will fight for the state to invest in prevention and intervention programs for those who are most at risk of being victims or perpetrators of gun violence, and I will support policies that provide alternatives to incarceration and restorative justice models. Finally, to fight recidivism, we must remove barriers to employment and housing for returning residents.

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Treatment not traum Graciela Guzmán for state senator

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