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Updated: Oct 16

Healthcare for ALL:

When we think of the safety and well being of our communities, access to quality healthcare has to be top of mind, and that access should never be dependent on someone's immigration status, employment, or ability to pay. As your next state senator I will fight for coverage for the underinsured and the uninsurable, including expanding immigrant health care to include everyone down to age 19, the removal of copays and coinsurance payments, and supporting programs like healthcare navigators, the successful implementation of a state-based exchange, and other recommendations under the HFS Affordability and Feasibility Study.

Reproductive Justice:

We must enshrine Illinois as a state where full access to abortion is a protected right. I firmly oppose any legislation that attempts to restrict reproductive rights and I will fully support bills that create protections for people seeking care across state lines. Illinois must remain a safe haven for patients, physicians and all families seeking comprehensive health care including abortion. The agency of the pregnant person will always be my paramount concern and will also stand in support of the full continuum of reproductive care so we can combat postpartum mortality, improving access to contraceptives by expanding coverage and delivery models and offering additional types of contraceptives, expanding access to reproductive health services via telemedicine, and protecting funding for family planning in our community-based health centers.

Gender Affirming Care:

We have seen a torrent of violent, hateful and deadly legislation being brought by right-wing governments across the country aimed at denying the existence of our trans siblings, and it is our obligation to fight back. Where other states have passed anti-transgender laws, Illinois must continue its legacy as a haven of care. I will always protect and expand access to quality, gender-affirming care in Illinois. I firmly believe all state legislation or guidelines should include provisions for the most inclusive language and process possible, but to do this, we need trans voices in the room. Co-governance does not just mean listening to the community, it means we need them at the table with us every step of the way.

Public Health response to crisis in district:

Part of my job as a State Senator will be to be a source of advocacy and information in times of crisis. I show up for my community in the present as a volunteer, and in an official capacity. I am on the front lines of mutual aid for neighbors in need. This is part of my purpose, service, calling and I will continue to show up. I commit to working with public health officials, our broader community, and other stakeholders to ensure that as we continue pandemic efforts and other community interventions, we center safe public health responses.

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